"I told Agamemnon a thousand times, I never wanted to meet Helen in person! I just wanted a picture. You can’t disappoint a picture! I hate you Agamemnon!"

It really is amazing to me

how movies can influence your life. I have told myself again and again that my life is just one long film that I get to replay over and over…I wish it was that simple.

When I watch a film—and by that specifically I mean a good film— I can feel all my senses come together. There is something about words, video, and sound all coming together to make an audience cry, or laugh, or reflect.

I honestly wish I had the power to make people feel the things I wanted them to feel. This absolute capturing of attention, emotion, the mind.

As long as I live I will continue to believe that my life is simply a film being played and edited by myself…because I want it to be true so badly…I want people to look at my life and feel exactly what I want them to.

Now the only thing I have to hide from in my life will be the realization that there was no tape in the camera…or that maybe this movie isn’t a great movie, its just an average one.

Nevertheless; I’ll do my best to make it a good one until the end.